quick recap of the last year


It's nearing on a year since I last posted - no surprise, unfortunately. But what a year it's been! 

Since last summer when I wrote about dropping out of college, my internship with adidas came to an end, and i started language school to (hopefully) learn enough german to study in germany. Now I wait for test results. Notable is my feeling that my ability to communicate is diminishing - my german is mediocre, and my english... let's just say it's seen better days ;) 

Jay and I moved into a bright and beautiful apartment together in the center of Nuremberg - and i am so lucky to spend my days with such an ace guy! 

I am often asked when i'll move back to the states and the answer isn't so easy because it's hard to choose between the two countries - politically of course germany is a wonderful place to be, particularly in comparison to the USA. But I also love how walkable the city is, the cafes on every corner, the language, our friends, the proximity to so much of the world. Last month my parents joined for a sojourn in Portugal. On the other hand i miss my family, and all of our stateside friends. so to answer the question of when i'll move back - i just don't know. we'll have to see!If you're reading this, I hope you'll come visit! we have guest beds for you! 

sorry for the rambling.

I've been lucky to have photoshoots both in the US and in germany. I feel so lucky to be invited into homes and lives of such lovely families to capture such sweet fleeting moments! Below are a few such stills. 


I am in maryland until mid june, and have a few slots available for family, senior, baby, etc shoots! Send an email if you're interested! 

(until next year!)


(hopefully not)