wedding // dublin, ireland

when my dad was 16 he flew to the usa for a few months and went to a school in upstate new york, where he met christopher. fast forward many years, my dad moved to the usa, met my mother, and, pregnant with me, they went to a birthing class, and there was christopher, with anne, pregnant with conor. our lives have been entwined since then, and just a few days ago, i flew to ireland to meet my best friend and his family (though they feel like my own) for anne's sister's wedding. 

i was so nervous, never having taken wedding photos before, and i certainly have a lot to learn, but it was wildly fun, she was stunning, and ireland blew me away. I must admit that in the 9 years since i had been there, i forgot how magical it is. 

anyway, some photos. 


all in all, such a lovely weekend, and i am so grateful for the chance to spend a few days with the people i love in a gorgeous place, and for the opportunity to take photos of such a beautiful wedding. xo

a few iphone photos, for good measure.