final days at home // recapping

in the blink of an eye i've been home from germany for two full months. each day seems to fly by faster and faster as i grow older and fall more in love with this life, this earth, my family, my friends.  i was worried about coming home after loving my time in germany, and growing up, so much. but it turns out i love my time here just as much, and i loved my days in ohio, my days in new york. . . but here i am sitting in the bedroom i grew up in for the last monday night ever - i'll leave for germany next monday and my family will move into a new home before i return. it's hard on this home loving heart of mine, but it's also an exciting step for our family. 

these months have been sweet. i've been welcomed into so many families and their homes for photoshoots, i've spent precious time with my own family, i've played with the children i hold most dear, and our family orchestra has blossomed. Below, some of my favorite captured moments both from photoshoots and my day to day. and, a peek of our home, staged.